New Documentary About Matriarch of the Adirondack Mountains

“The Mountains Will Wait For You” is a story that any lover of nature and friendship can relate to and cherish. It is also a story of family. The family we discover through shared experiences.

Grace Hudowalski had a deep influence on climbers of the Adirondack Mountains. As the first woman to summit the range’s 46 High Peaks, her passion for climbing was lifelong, and her devotion to an organization called the Adirondack 46ers made her the eventual matriarch of the group. Thousands of members wrote to Grace to share their climbs, and she responded to every letter with words of encouragement and recollections from her time on those very peaks. “The Mountains Will Wait For You” is an homage to Grace, who said, “If it’s worth climbing, it’s worth writing about.”

What viewers are saying about the movie.

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