Director Fred Schwoebel

About Director Fred Schwoebel

Fred Schwoebel has always felt the pull of the mountains. They are where he feels most at home, where he renews himself, and where he finds comfort and connection to the outdoors and those who are there with him.

Born at the foothills of the Montana Rockies, Fred’s connection to the mountains began through many family outings. Many years later, he moved to Middle Tennessee and continued to follow his calling for outdoor adventures in the Appalachian mountains. Fred’s quest for exploration grew to the point where he set off hitchhiking, well over 10,000 miles, to see the National Parks and monuments of the American west. He visited such spectacular sites as Yosemite, The Grand Canyon, King’s Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Cedar Breaks and Zion just to name a few. Through these travels Fred discovered that there was no place he loved more than to be as close as he could get to the mountains, streams and vistas of our National treasures. These collective experiences became cherished memories that would serve as inspiration to find his next adventure.

In the 1990’s, with a pioneering spirit, Fred and his wife Tara settled in Oregon and started a family. The proximity to the Cascade mountains gave them new territory to explore and led to enjoying these forest cathedrals with their two young boys. Fred’s only visit to the Adirondacks was entirely too short but he did manage to climb Wright Peak while in the midst of making his documentary.

Fred’s refined and perceptive observations and the essential skills that he developed throughout his twenty year career in Art Direction for TV, movies, music videos and commercials have together enabled him to artfully weave fact and fiction to life on film. In “The Mountains Will Wait For You”, one experiences the richness of his storytelling as he pays homage to Grace Hudowalski, the inimitable mountaineer who touched countless lives with camaraderie and words of encouragement.