“The Mountains Will Wait For You is a gentle, wonderfully heartwarming tribute to the first woman who climbed the 46 highest peaks in the Adirondack Mountains and who further endeared herself by exchanging letters of encouragement and support with all those climbers who matched her achievement.” -Kathleen Carroll, Artistic Director of the Lake Placid Film Forum.

‘The Mountains Will Wait For You’ is a deeply moving, evocative and elegant film. The gorgeous panoramas of the Adirondacks and the dedicated and fascinating characters who populate the mountains– most of all, Grace– are instantly compelling and admirable. Warning: non-hikers may feel inspired to race to the mountains. (I did.) The family connection– my brother-in-law Fred Schwoebel in the writer/director, my father narrated the opening of the film and my husband wrote the soundtrack music– makes this film a precious document of both family and an honorable passion: the majestic mountains, who always wait for us.’ -Rosanne Cash

“Fred Schwoebel has mad a film for all of us who loved Grace Hudowalski and the mountains she dedicated her life to. He has captured the very essence of who she was and in the process has created a memorial which we can visit time an time again to be reminded of her passion for the High Peaks and the pleasure of the journey along the trail.” -Hilary Moynihan

“In The Mountains Will Wait For You, Fred Schwoebel has preserved Grace Hudowalski’s infectious passion for the Adirondack high peaks and wilderness.  Through a series of thoughtfully edited interviews, Fred brings Grace’s love of wilderness to life, inspiring a new generation of mountain enthusiasts.  Those of us who were fortunate to know Grace and those future generations who will know her through the film are indebted to Fred for his commitment to completing this unique testament of a woman whose life and words inspired thousands to reach for and share a common wilderness adventure.” -L. John Van Norden

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