Making The Movie

Making the Movie

The idea for “The Mountains Will Wait For You” was sparked in 1993 when Fred Schwoebel flipped over a newspaper clipping sent to him by is mother-in-law and saw an AP article about Grace Hudowalski, the matriarch of the Adirondack 46ers.

Having had his own lifelong connection to mountains and wilderness, Fred suspected he’d happened upon a special person with a compelling history, and soon thereafter sought out Grace. As serendipity would have it, he quickly found Grace’s phone number and all it took was a call to get her invitation to witness, and film, her way of life. Soon after meeting Grace, Fred and his friend, cameraman Robin Willis, found themselves in the Adirondacks during a spectacular fall season with deciduous leaves showing their full-firework display of color. Over a period of five days, Fred and Robin documented the stories that proved compelling inspiration for this tribute to Grace and her lifelong dedication to the Adirondacks and those who climbed them.

In spite of Fred’s tremendous enthusiasm for this project, the challenge of post production were such that the unedited footage would have to wait 20 years to be properly completed.

As it happened, Fred, with his wife Tara’s encouragement, unearthed the story and its legacy which is as ageless as a familiar friend, an adventurous spirit, and a well-worn trail.